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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Botox anti-wrinkle treatment

When is it recommended?

Botonium toxin – botox for short – injections are mainly used for smoothing out expression lines around the mouth. It is less commonly known that this method is also perfect for lifting your eyebrows, making your palpebral fissure more open, stopping facial muscles from “tic”-ing, eliminating migraine-inducing vasospasms, lip augmentation, against excessive sweating of the underarms, soles and palms. Our plastic surgeon examines you during a preliminary consultation, answers all your questions and informs you about the expected results.

Necessary preparations

No preliminary preparation is needed.

The course of the intervention

During the treatment performed in local anesthesia, the plastic surgeon injects the diluted solution of botonium toxin into the facial muscles of the area in question, through the previously chosen and marked points. The treatment is most commonly performed on the area around the eyes and on the forehead. The results depend on the points of administration and the used amount of the substance. The intervention takes approximately 15 minutes.

Recovery and aftercare

Results usually become visible 72 hours after the treatment. Until then, avoid extreme body postures (for e.g. leaning forward) as they might make the agent seep out of place, to other areas. In some cases a mild swelling or hemorrhage might appear where your skin was prickled, and very rare side effects include numbness, a passing headache or nausea. These symptoms will all cease on their own. The degree of muscle blockage depends on the amount of substance administered and individual physical endowment. Generally speaking, the treatment usually can be repeated after 4-5 months, but the amount of time the results last for varies from person to person. For a more harmonious outcome, in case of deep wrinkles the botox treatment can be supplemented by hyaluric acid wrinkle filling a week later.


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