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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Fractional multi micro-needle RF (radio frequency) treatment

When is fractional multi micro-needle RF treatment the most effective treatment of choice?

DeAgeEx is the latest and safest non-invasive skin rejuvenating technology that effectively combines the benefits of radio frequency lifting and micro-needle treatment. Predominantly used to reduce crow’s-feet and wrinkles, to contract dilated pores, and to correct the appearance of bags and dark under-eye circles, micro needle RF therapy also restores the healthy tone and radiance of skin on the face,, neck and cleavage. As a preventive treatment it is recommended from 20-30 years onward, while at a later age it is an effective way to rejuvenate the skin, combined with other cosmetic treatments.


A consultation with a dermatologist is essential before radio frequency treatment. Our specialist reviews any previous face rejuvenating procedure and assesses your overall skin condition to make sure that this is the right treatment for you. An average course is usually 2-3 appointments with 4-6 week recovery periods between treatments.

The procedure

Fractional radio frequency treatment starts with disinfecting and anaesthetising the skin. The physician chooses the appropriate treatment head and sets the right depth and frequency range for your skin. The rejuvenating treatment uses thin needles that conduct radio frequency electric impulses into specific layers of the skin, generating heat locally. Each needle penetrates the skin for a mere 0.1 second, causing no pain, only a slight discomfort. The process is concluded with a short after-treatment. An appointment lasts for around 90 minutes.

What to expect from CO2 laser treatment?

The thermal impact of short radio frequency electric impulses stimulates the formation of collagen fibres in the skin, making it tighter and more elastic. On the other hand, the micro traumas in the dermis speed up the self-healing of skin tissue. The result is both spectacular and natural, obvious after 3 weeks and lasts for up to two years depending on your age. Wrinkles smooth out, blemishes recede.

Recovery and post treatment

Skin flushing within a few hours after treatment is a totally natural reaction, as the outer layers of the skin have been intensively stimulated. It passes by the following day, so you can go about your daily business. Oedema and the appearance of pimples are rare and temporary side effects. You are advised to protect your skin with SPF30 sunblock for at least two weeks after therapy. You may need a maintenance treatment after a year.


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