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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Fractionated carbon dioxide laser

When is fractionated carbon dioxide laser the most effective treatment of choice?

With the wear and tear of age and battered by decades of exposure to sun ray and stress, our skin gets somewhat lacklustre and loses its elasticity. Especially the skin on the face and neck, the cleavage and the back of the hand is prone to show fine lines at first then deepening wrinkles and skin blemishes. Fractioned carbon dioxide to the rescue: it is an effective, non-invasive treatment that restores the freshness of tired, sagging skin, and corrects unsightly bags under the eyes, visible scars, acne and pigment spots, and other blemishes. CO2 laser is recommended above 20 and 30 or even for older patients, combined with other rejuvenating procedures.


A consultation with a dermatologist is essential before the CO2 laser treatment. The specialist reviews any previous face rejuvenating procedure and assesses the overall skin condition of the patient to make sure that this is the right treatment. An average course is usually 2-3 appointments with 6-8 weeks between treatments.

The procedure

Fractioned carbon dioxide laser treatment starts with disinfecting and anaesthetising the skin. Our state of the art SmaXel laser equipment is then calibrated and set according to your personal needs, to provide just the right depth and microthermal treatment zone for your skin. The laser penetrates the dermis, burning off and evaporating the deep layers of skin with higher water content, stimulating the natural regeneration of your skin through the forming of new collagen fibres, which make the skin fresh and elastic, and tightening the underlying connective tissue. The 45- to 90-minute laser treatment is concluded with the application of a special ointment that helps sooth the skin and expedite recovery.

What to expect from CO2 laser treatment?

Fractionated carbon dioxide laser is one of the latest medical innovations, a state of the art, non-invasive, rejuvenating skin treatment. By stimulating the natural regeneration of cells and skin tissue, its beneficial effects are evident within two weeks after treatment. The spectacular results are obvious after three months and last for up to two years depending on your age.

Recovery and post treatment

The natural symptoms of flushed skin, itchiness and possible oedema last for 3-4 days after fractionated carbon dioxide laser treatment and can be alleviated with an ice pack. After 7-10 days another natural reaction sets in: the skin gets dry and starts peeling and scaling, to give way for new tissue. It is a painless process. The fresh skin is pink at first then gradually turns pale. You are advised not to apply make-up for 2 weeks after the treatment, and avoid sunbathing, smoking, the use of tanning beds and sauna for 4 weeks. You should not undergo any other skin treatment during the CO2 laser process, and protect the newly forming, rejuvenating skin with broad spectrum sunscreen of at least 30 SPF for 6 months. You may need a maintenance treatment after a year.


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