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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Lip augmentation

Full lips lend an outstandingly feminine look to their owner as they suggest sensuality. The procedure of lip augmentation gives an opportunity to get back the fullness of your lips you might have lost by aging, or offers a solution to those who are still young but find their lips too narrow. Augmentation can also erase the fine lines appearing around your mouth and correct asymmetries. These days many people have augmented lips that look completely unnatural. However, it is important to know that it is possible to have a natural looking and harmonic outcome. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon who works carefully and utilizes the best techniques in order to get the dermal filler to the right place guarantees that. Our plastic surgeon will examine you during a preliminary consultation, where you can pick the type of correction you want, and then he will show you his reference works to illustrate the expected best outcome, should you choose to undergo the intervention.

Necessary preparations

Aside from the preliminary consultation, no further preparation is necessary before a lip augmentation.

The course of the intervention
First the plastic surgeon anesthetizes the area in question with a spray. Then he inserts the thin needle of the injection 2-3 millimeters deep under your skin. After that he starts to pull it out slowly and gradually, thus injecting the dermal filler into the area. He repeats the process on several spots, thus the whole intervention lasts 20-30 minutes. At our Plastic Institute we solely use absorbable dermal fillers, as with the usage of non-absorbable materials the risk of complications is too high. The American dermal filler –Juvederm ultra - we use in our hospital is based on hyaluronic acid, and its effect lasts up to 8-12 months. Thus for achieving a temporary result, the treatment should be repeated once in a while.

Recovery and aftercare

In the days following the augmentation your lips might be a bit swollen and the surrounding area might be red. Do not apply any make up on the first two days, do not chew gum for a few days, do not have dental treatment and do not massage your lips. It is not recommended to go to a tanning salon or have permanent make up done in the month following the procedure. Although the risk of complications is low, in some cases asymmetries might appear, the swelling might last longer than a few days, lips might hemorrhage and their sensitivity might change.


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