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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Treatment of moles and skin lesions

In which cases is it necessary to treat skin lesions?
Pigmented lesions might be moles, warts or fibromas that stand out from skin level. Although they are mostly benign lesions, they can still be aesthetically unpleasant, so it is worth removing them to prevent complaints later.

Necessary preparations

Before the removal, our dermatologist and plastic surgeon will have a quick consultation with you to tell you abut the procedure and the possible result. As this is a routine intervention, there is no need for extra preparations.

The course of the intervention

The removal of moles is a surgical intervention performed with a scalpel. Excision is the safest method of removal approved by the Hungarian Dermatological Society, as it allows the preparation of a histology report that can be trusted. It is strictly forbidden to remove moles by laser, cauterization or cryotherapy because they are not safe and the removed mole cannot be tested. However, warts can be safely removed by either method: after the preliminary consultation with our plastic surgeon, the decision is yours to make. The intervention is performed in local anesthesia and usually lasts for 20 minutes.

Recovery and aftercare

In the next few days following the intervention cover the place where the mole or wart used to be, and protected it from sunlight and sweat for a few weeks. Come back for a control examination on the 7th day after the surgery. Avoid any activities that involve being under direct sunlight or cause sweating for two weeks.


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