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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Wrinkle filling treatment

When is it recommended? 

Adverse environmental effects and the passage of time leave their mark on your skin, especially on your face. The process can be slowed down by certain aesthetical intervention, but unfortunately cannot be stopped. However, different wrinkle filling treatments can conceal the problem, ensuring a youthful complexion. The thinner lines of the forehead, the glabella, the deeper vertical line above the bridge of the nose, the wrinkles surrounding the eyebrows, nose and mouth area can be treated with injectable dermal fillers. Our plastic surgeon will examine you during a preliminary consultation, answer your questions concerning the intervention and informs you about the expected results.

Necessary preparations

There is no need for preliminary preparations.

The course of the intervention
The treatment is performed in local anesthesia, by Lidocain spray or cream. The plastic surgeon injects the dermal filler into the area in question with a thin needle. As several injection techniques exist, the plastic surgeon will choose the most appropriate method during the preliminary consultation. We use Juvederm dermal fillers in our institute because their agent is hyaluronic acid, a natural component of human skin. The intervention takes 10-15 minutes.

Recovery and aftercare

Your skin might be a little red, swollen and hemorrhaged after the treatment where the needle prickled you, but they will cease in a matter of days. The treatment usually has to be repeated every 8-12 months, but this heavily depends on individual parameters.


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