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Dr. Rose  Budapest Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction

When is it justified?

Although in most cases women who have self-esteem issues because of their breast size think they are too small, breasts that are too big can cause inhibitions as well, not to mention back pains and spine problems. Extremely big breasts might also make it difficult to dress fashionably or to do exercise, but this problem can be easily solved by a surgical intervention that not only decreases size but gives shape as well.

Necessary preparations

Before the surgery, you have to undergo a complete and throughout screening. To make the process more comfortable for you, we perform all the necessary screenings at our Institute in the same place and time. Besides laboratory tests, our surgeon might recommend you to have an ECG examination and an ultrasound screening. You also have to have a consultation with the anesthesiologist before the surgery. Your plastic surgeon will also inform you about the advised temporary adjustments in your lifestyle to speed up your recovery.

The course of the intervention

The surgery is performed in anesthesia. There are two possibilities to reduce your breasts. The first solution is to have an incision is made around the areola, then another perpendicular one downstream in the so-called breast trench. If there is a bigger amount of excess skin, an additional incision is made under the breast fold and it is removed from here. Then the adipose tissues are completely removed along with a part of the glandular tissues and excess skin. The absorbable sutures we use will spare you the unpleasantness of having the stitches removed. The complete intervention takes 2 and a half-3 hours.

Recovery and aftercare

Following the intervention you spend one night in our hospital where you can relax in a calm and exclusive environment. The next morning our plastic surgeon puts waterproof bandages over your scars, so you do not have to worry about them getting wet when you take a shower. You have to wear the special bra we provide for 8 weeks. It is important to avoid any strenuous physical activity for the first two weeks and even after this period, return to your previous lifestyle gradually, in small steps. However, light exercise is allowed after three weeks. It is not recommended to visit a tanning salon or sauna for 2 months. Your control examinations will be scheduled for the 7th and 14th days, then during weeks 6 and 12 after your surgery. Visible scars will disappear in 6 months, while the skin-deep ones will completely heal in 2 years.
The risk of complications is very low, but if there is any, it can only be wound infection, a temporary loss of feeling in the nipples or the slight asymmetry of the two breasts.


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