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When is it justified?

Over the age of 40, your skin will become flaccid. This unavoidable sign of aging first appears on the face, and worsened by stress, pollution and solar radiation. If you do not have any excess weight, the decrease in the amount of your facial adipose tissues will also be visible. Lipofilling these areas with your own adipose tissues might be a good solution to this problem: your complexion can become plumper and smoother without having to ruin it with surgical incisions, by using a completely natural material. The process of lipofilling is also suitable for filling the wrinkles next to your nose and between your brows, and it can be applied for lip augmentation or scar removal.

Necessary preparations

Before the intervention, you have to undergo a complete and throughout screening to make sure that you do not have any health issue that might influence the outcome. To make the process more comfortable for you, we perform all the necessary screenings at our Institute in the same place and time. During the days before lipofilling only have light meals, drink a lot and take vitamin supplements, such as Vitamin C, selenium and zinc. Avoid taking any aspirin, ginko biloba and any type of natural or herbal medicine.

The course of the intervention

Facial lipofilling is performed in local anesthesia, and takes 1 hour. First adipose tissue is drawn from your own body from the belly, back or waist area. Then the tissue is filtered, purificated and reinjected into the facial area in question.

Recovery and aftercare

After a few hours of monitoring you are discharged from the hospital. You do not have to take a rest, you can carry on with your work or chores as usual. In some cases a minor hemorrhaging might occur, but it will cease in a few days time. The greatest advantage of this aesthetic intervention is that it does not trigger any kind of allergic reaction, as we work with your own bodily tissues. Control examinations are scheduled for weeks 1 and 6 after the lipofilling.

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