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UNION-Dr. Rose „Deluxe” group health insurance package

  1. internal medicine
  2. otolaryngology
  3. opthalmology
  4. gynecology
  5. urology
  6. surgery
  7. orthopedy
  8. plastic surgery
  1. Laboratory tests: arterial blood sampling + hormone sampling, urinalysis, stool sampling, PSA screening for men 
  2. Additional laboratory tests: genetic tests, immunology examinations, screenings for cancer, screenings for HIV and other types of STD
  3. Diagnostic tests: ultrasound, ECG, X-ray, mammography, Doppler test and arteriography, audiometry, screening for cancerous moles, gynecological cytology, ODM (bone density test from the calcaneus), allergological screening (Prick-test)
  4. Additional diagnostic examinations: sleep study (examination in the Hospital is available for extra charge), endoscopic examinations, stress ECG, MRI, CT (PET CT and Cardio CT not included), EEG, EMG, ENG, radio isotopic examinations
  5. Outpatient treatment in the following specialties: gastroenterology, allergology, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, dietetics, pulmonology, psychiatry
  • One-day ambulatory surgeries (without general anesthesia): lipoma-, naevus-, wart-, fibroma removal under local anesthesia (1 histology is included)
  • 24-hour hotline service
  • Mental health hotline
  • Annual influenza vaccination
  • Annual dental screening at our partner institute 
  • 5% discount from the price of dental treatment at our contracted partners
  • Examinations needed to determine pregnancy
  • Prenatal care (a minimum one year membership is necessary)
  • Membership card extension for family members 

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