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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Infant Care, Pediatrics

Infant medical services

The infant medical services and childcare services of Dr. Rose have more to offer than ordinary pediatrics. Our pediatrician follows you through prenatal care and continuously monitors fetal development. This way, our colleagues are not only aware of the health condition of your child in process, but also become familiar with parental medical history. They provide the necessary medical care for your child right from the moment of birth, and assist in the first year of your baby’s life by providing consultations and guidance as well. Our pediatricians work in strong cooperation with other pediatrics specialists (in the fields of otolaryngology, gastroenterology, neurology, optometry, surgery, orthopedy, pulmonology, etc.) covering all fields of possible childhood diseases in order to provide high quality medical treatment.

The pediatric department of Dr. Rose offers you all types of screenings, aptitude tests, counseling, medical certifications for school or camps, vaccination and treatments from neonatal examinations through school readiness screening even until the threshold of adulthood, age 18. The complexity of our outpatient services is strongly supported by our own hospital background with the most up-to-date equipment, modern surgical rooms and comfortable sickrooms.

The pediatric specialists of Dr. Rose firmly believe that they can do their job best if their relationship with the little patient dates back to as early age as possible and remains continuous throughout the years. Our colleagues are well aware of the fact that this field requires special skills, such as asking the right questions and assessing gestures in a more concentrated fashion than with adult patients, because inappropriate attitude from the side of the treating doctor might cause a lasting trauma in a small child. Involving the parents in both the examinations and treatment is main priority, as their remarks can help the process of diagnosing and make it easier for the specialist to deal with the child in a manner that fits his/her personality best. And last but not least, the presence of the parents makes the little patient feel more secure.

Pediatric specialties:

• general pediatrics
• gastroenterology
• pulmonology, allergology
• endocrinology
• orthopedy
• optometry
• nephrology
• neurology
• surgery

Benefits of Dr. Rose child care:

• 24-hour medical hotline
• Pediatric house calls day and night
• Child care from the moment of birth: we follow the physical and mental development of your child and provide consultations on any problems concerning child-rearing
• Compulsory and recommended vaccinations: supplementing missed vaccinations, following foreign vaccination routines, providing compulsory and chosen vaccinations, all with the procurement of vaccines upon request
• Screenings according to age groups
• Annual Child Cards
• Family discount if you purchase more than one annual cards

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