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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Infant care in the tenth month

Infant care in the tenth month

The baby’s development

The ten-month-old literally cannot contain himself: he constantly desires the presence and undivided attention of his mother. If an idea comes into his mind, he is resolved to go through with it, whatever it takes. These days, the baby quickly loses his temper if he is not entertained.

He is getting more mobile each day: he rises to all fours from lying on his stomach and sits with straight back and legs. If he does not leave this developmental phase out, he learns to crawl around on all fours very rapidly. His leg muscles are getting stronger, thus first he kneels up and later he will stand up. He also figures out how to sit down from a standing position without falling.

The infant has stopped taking everything into his mouth, but now he grabs everything. Using his thumb and forefinger as little tweezers, he can pick up small objects as well, and can hold two things with the same hand. He realizes that there are objects, smells, voices and tastes that are alike. He learns about the existence of regularities and certain sequences, understands instructions and reacts to them accordingly in familiar situations. The baby can make a distinction between each sound of his mother tongue, understands the meaning of several words and seeks eye contact when spoken to. He can utter words that contain more than one syllable and gives more and more recognizable spoken responses. He perceives it if you did not understand him and reacts accordingly. Complementary feeding now means more and more solid food, as the baby’s has more teeth. He is still amused by games that contain touch, movement and making sounds and you can make these even more enjoyable for him if you change your voice during play or reading stories and imitate the sounds animals “say”.

The baby’s health

Visiting the pediatrician every month is not necessary anymore: if the child does not appear sick and you do not have any questions, the next recommended visit is only due when the infant is 12 months old. However, you should contact the specialist without hesitation if you notice that the baby makes less sounds than he used to, is not interested in toys that emit sound, and does not try to get a hold of objects or does not turn and crawl.