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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Prenatal Care

Prenatal care

Every pregnancy is unique, so it is hard to tell exactly what awaits the expectant mother. In our modern world, most women have to work during their pregnancy, in which case it is especially important to have medical support that ensures a healthy childbirth despite their stressful lifestyle. The specialists of Dr. Rose Obstetrics will be at your service from the first moments of your pregnancy, to make sure that you feel healthy and joyful all the way.

We compiled our prenatal care packages in a way that they provide you with the complete range of medical services. All examinations are administered in our institute to spare you from the unpleasantness of waiting or traveling a lot. Our packages not only encompass compulsory and recommended examinations, but they also include consultations and preparatory programs for the future parents to make sure that they know everything they have to by the time the new family member arrives.

What makes Dr. Rose prenatal care different?

• Full range of medical services available at the heart of the inner city
• Appointments are in accordance with the expectant mother’s schedule (between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday)
• We provide unlimited number of consultations and visits
• Complex screenings
• Every examination available in one place (gynecological examinations, laboratory tests, ultrasound, etc.)
• We always have the latest available technology and equipment
• Genetic ultrasound screenings (Screening for Down’s syndrome, nuchal translucency screening, nasal bone screening)
• TORCH screening, AFP, laboratory tests
• 4D ultrasound, flowmetry
• CTG (fetal heart ultrasound)
• Amenities
• Free parking
• 24-hour medical hotline and on-call service
• Online pregnancy calendar
• Preparation for alternative birthing on demand
• Pediatric consultations

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