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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is an ancient cure that utilizes essential oils to preserve health and cure illnesses.

Essential oils can be used in several ways: you can evaporate and breathe them in, massage them into your skin intermixed with base oil or mix them into your bathwater. In the latter case, add the drops into your bath while the water is still running. If you want to evaporate the oils, you can use an aroma lamp or a small bowl of water.

During pregnancy, essential oils can help you to establish a deep connection with the fetus, as they make you relax and inspire you to turn your thoughts inward.

But aromatherapy is also effective if you use it to battle urinary tract infections, high or low blood pressure and sleeping problems. There are essential oils to brighten your mood if you are irritable, stressed out or exhausted. Stretch marks can be also treated successfully by certain combinations of oils. Lavender oil is a highly recommended cure for headaches, back and waist pains and high blood pressure.

The nausea some women tend to experience at the beginning of their pregnancy can be lessened by breathing in the scent of citrus oils. Generally speaking, the most pleasant smelling oils for expectant mothers are the ones with sweet scents.

However, there are some types of essential oils you should avoid while you are pregnant, since they initiate bleeding or smell too strong. For this reason, it is recommended to consult our specialist first before you start experimenting with aromatherapy at home.