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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Infant Care Nurse Consultation

Infant nurse consultation

If this is your first pregnancy, you might feel insecure about how to care for your baby in the beginning, so our infant nurse will be there to give you advice and provide practical assistance while you get accustomed to dealing with your child.

It is recommended to get to know our infant nurse during a consultation even before you give birth, because she can help you in compiling the necessary baby accessories. During the consultation, she will tell you what kind of clothing items a baby needs for each season, what type of equipment is really useful, and which objects are completely unnecessary to buy. Our antenatal course also includes a consultation with the infant nurse, and on this occasion, she will not only tell you what to get for your newborn, but will help to assemble your hospital bag as well.

You can prepare for cleaning up and bathing your baby beforehand. For couples expecting their first child, it is useful to practice these tasks on a lifelike doll to get the hang of it by the time they will have to care for a real infant. Our infant nurse can give you practical advice on how to do these tasks quickly and easily. We recommend you to bring the father to this consultation, so he will be able to help you out with the baby more effectively in the future. This practical consultation can be purchased separately, or as a part of the Dr. Rose Antenatal Course.

However, at Dr. Rose Obstetrics, the job responsibilities of an infant nurse are not over yet: after your baby is born, she will visit you in your home and assists you in mastering child care. We deem it important to teach parents how to do childcare professionally at home: the nurse will show you some techniques on how to breastfeed and bathe your baby, how to treat his skin and put him to sleep.

Our infant nurses are empathic and patient, and do everything in their power to assist you in adjusting to your new role as a mother as quickly as possible.

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