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Dr. Rose  Obstetrics Midwife Consultation

Midwife consultation

The midwife has an important role during both prenatal care and giving birth. It is of utmost importance that her personality suits the expectant mother’s, as she has to gain the expectant mother’s trust.

The tasks of a midwife are manifold: she is responsible for the main part of prenatal care, monitors the expectant mother’s health and mental condition, and as a part of their consultations she prepares her for giving birth and welcoming the newborn.

During the consultations the expectant mother can discuss several topics with the midwife, such as the mental and physical changes occurring in her, her changing lifestyle and preventive health care. The midwife gives practical advice on what to do during labor and delivery, teaches about alternative birthing, perineal protection and breathing techniques.

She supports the mother during the process of labor and delivery, providing perineal protection if necessary. After the baby is born, along with the infant nurse she helps the mother to learn how to breastfeed and care for her child.

Our midwives are experienced specialists of their field: they have supported many pregnancies and childbirths, and they turn towards each and every expectant mother with empathy, care and motherly concern. They are also open to individual wishes and familiar with alternative birthing methods.

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