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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Dermatology


Our dermatologists deal with the diagnostics and treatment of lesions and diseases of the skin, nails, hair and visible mucous membranes. 

Skin and mucous membrane abnormalities might be caused by the own isolated diseases of the skin (different pathogens, allergic inflammations, etc.), but more often they accompany illnesses of other organs. Certain symptoms of the skin and mucous membrane can signify the presence of serious internal diseases, such as a malignant tumor.

Aside from the treatment of common skin diseases such as acne, warts, skin mycoses, pimples, psoriaris, eczema, dermatitis, pigmentation disorders, rosacea, veneral diseases, we also emphasize the importance of preventive health care screenings and aesthetic treatments (scar revision, age-related skin problems).

Dermatologic screening of skin growths and skin lesions (especially pigmented ones) is very important, as they might develop into malignant melanomas. Although these lesions (fibromas and moles) are mostly benign, their removal is recommended because of constant irritation or aesthetic reasons.

To ensure that there is no scar left behind all interventions are performed by our experienced plastic surgeons. We strictly follow the principles of the Hungarian Dermatological Society, namely that the only acceptable treatment of skin abnormalities is surgical excision: laser and radiofrequency treatments, burning and cryotherapy all should be avoided because these methods pose many risks. Removed lesions are always sent to biopsy to rule out the possibility of cancer.

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