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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery

This specialty deals with the diseases of arteries and veins. The objective of vascular surgery is the operative treatment or medication of functional and aesthetical vascular diseases. Examples include artery stenoses, obstructions and dilatations, varicose veins, certain types of venous thromboses and phlebitis.

We can perform both the outpatient examination and the surgery in our institute. If it is necessary, we are capable of performing longer and more complex vascular surgeries as well, and afterwards it is possible to stay a couple of days at our hospital department for monitoring and aftercare.

Vascular surgeries

  • Removal of the great saphenous vein that runs from the ankle to the femoral stem (stripping)
  • Removal of the saphena parva vein that runs from the outer ankle area to the knee (stripping)
  • Ligation of superficial veins in the thigh (crossectomy)
  • Removal of collateral veins (varicectomy)
  • Sclerotization of veins by injection in case of microvarices
  • Blood clot removal in case of thrombosis of a superficial vein
  • Ligation of a superficial vein in case there is a risk that the thrombosis might move on to the deep vascular system
  • Phlebectomy (complete removal of a varicose vein through a small, slit-like incision in the skin)
  • Laser varicose vein surgery


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