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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Prices of Annual Cards for Children

Prices of Annual Cards for Children

Age Group

Package for Infants

Silver Card

Gold Card

VIP Card

For Infants (aged 0-1)

290.000 HUF / year

390.000 HUF / year

490.000 HUF / year

690.000 HUF / year

For young children and schoolchildren (aged 1-18)


290.000 HUF / year

490.000 HUF / year

690.000 HUF / year


Our special Package for Infants, compiled especially for babies and toddlers, can be purchased separately. In case you choose this option, the package includes nine pediatric examinations in the hospital in months specified at the description of the service.

For areas outside Budapest in Pest county, the annual price of Gold Card services is 540.000 HUF, and the annual price of VIP Card services is 740.000 HUF. These prices do not include vaccines for recommended or before-travel vaccinations.

Family discounts

If you purchase a Family Card Package (for 4 persons minimum) we give a special discount. For more information on the extent of the discount, please contact us.


These discounted prices are only available patients, who has Hungarian National Health Insurance Card (TAJ card). 


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