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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Endoscopic Examinations

Endoscopic examinations

The endoscope is a medical device used for direct inspection of body cavities. The device can be a rigid or flexible, and it may be used for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons. Whenever it is possible we perform the therapeutic endoscopy immediately after the diagnostic one.

The essence of the method is the optical fiber system capable of delivering light – numerous optical fibers run through the inside of the endoscope. Some of these fibers direct the light to the inspected organ from an outside source, while others transmit the image to the viewer, who may watch either by looking in through the eyepiece, or the image may be projected to a monitor using a connected video camera. The inside of the endoscope often contains an additional channel that allows the entry of various medical instruments for suction, rinsing or taking tissue samples.

Several endoscopic examinations are painless (gastroscopy, colonoscopy), but unpleasant. In order to keep inconveniences to the minimum, at Dr. Rose Private Hospital we usually conduct these examinations in anesthesia or sedation. Most types of therapeutic endoscopy (laparoscopy, arthroscopy) are considered to be surgical treatments, thus they are performed in an operating room, in anesthesia.

Endoscopic examinations

Gastroscopy – examination of the stomach

Colonoscopy – examination of the colon

Rectoscopy – examination of the rectum

Cystoscopy – examination of the urinary tract

Arthroscopy – examination of the knee joint

Hysteroscopy – examination of the uterus

Colposcopy – examination of the cervix


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