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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Polisomnography

Polysomnography – expanded sleep study

For this type of sleep study, the patient has to spend a night at Dr. Rose Private Hospital in accordance with his/her usual sleeping hours. During his/her sleep, several parameters are recorded in order to diagnose the type of sleep disorder and to determine the necessary treatment. While the portable polygraph screens airflow during sleep, the polysomnograph collects much more data: it records brain wave activity by EEG, thus both the quantity and depth of sleep can be determined. Breathing parameters are also measured by recording chest and abdominal respiratory movements and blood oxygen level. Heart rate and blood pressure are monitored throughout the night by ECG, and leg movements are detected by muscular contraction sensors.

Similarly to the polygraph, this device is also fastened to the chest where the wires of the electrodes meet. It communicates with a computer by radio waves, so the movement of the patient is not restrained; for example he/she may go out to the bathroom if needed. Throughout the night the recording is monitored by a sleep technician on the computer and it is evaluated on the following day.

Certain sleep disorders such as night terrors, sleepwalking, limb movement disorder and twitching can be better examined during inpatient sleep study. In case of severe daytime sleepiness or sleep insufficiency this is the type of examination that can sufficiently determine the underlying causes.

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