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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Polygraphy

Polygraphy – sleep study

The main objective of polygraphy is to rule out sleep-related breathing disorders and to determine the degree of respiratory disturbances in snoring patients.

The portable polygraph that examines breathing while sleeping is a device the size of a mobile phone and it can be fastened to the chest with an elastic belt. It measures airflow and blood oxygen level.

Two small sensors are connected to the polygraph on the chest by a thin, barely noticeable wire: one is fitted to a finger and the other is placed under the nose.

The polygraph is very easily put on and it can either be turned on by the push of a button or start recording automatically. The patient takes the device home and wears it for one to several nights during sleep. Once he/she has brought it back to the hospital, a sleep technician evaluates the recording and discusses the findings with the patient.

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