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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Dermatological Screening

Dermatological Screening

The aim of our preventive screenings is to diagnose and remove skin lesions, pre-cancerous conditions and tumors early on in order to ensure complete recovery.

We recommend you to undergo dermatological screening annually. During the course of the screening, the dermatologist examines the whole surface of the skin, including the scalp. The frequency of recommended screenings depends on whether the patient is part of the high-risk group; if yes, it is suggested to have a check-up every six months. People more likely to have skin problems are blond-haired, blue-eyed and fair-skinned, and also those who have unevenly shaped and colored moles, or those with a family history of melanoma. Regular sunbathers or tanning salon goers are also recommended to have screenings more often.

Screening is painless: the dermatologist examines skin lesions by putting a special device called a dermatoscope to the surface of the skin to check its structure and possible changes in pigmentation.

Our dermatologists at Dr. Rose Private Hospital advise even for teenagers to undergo annual screenings, because moles start multiplying at this phase of life.

Based on the size, number, structure, sun damage and sunbathing habits, the specialist advises on the needed frequency of screenings which can span from every six months to every three years.


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