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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Gynecology Screening

Gynecological Screening

Gynecological screening is needed even when symptoms do not occur, because there are a number of asymptomatic abnormalities and infections. These latent illnesses might remain undetected for years with serious consequences, and might even cause infertility or tumors.

The possibility of infection cannot be eliminated even by leading an utterly cautious lifestyle – the abnormal proliferation of normally present microorganisms is enough to cause vaginal inflammation. Having regular gynecological check-ups is a crucial part of a health-conscious lifestyle.

Parts of the screening

Basic Gynecological Examination, palpation

Cervical Videocolposcopy


Ovarian Ultrasound Examination if needed,

Breast Screening by palpation and ultrasound (under the age of 35) and by mammography and ultrasound (over the age of 35)

HPV and Chlamydia Screening, biopsy if needed

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