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Birth, Undisturbed

Bringing new life to this world is a unique opportunity for a woman to fulfil herself – but only if she feels that everything around her supports that experience, answering her needs and encouraging this enormous effort.

The maternity ward of Dr. Rose Private Hospital is unanimously voted by a growing number of mothers-to-be as a place where there’s no shortage of support and encouragement. The unparalleled exclusive comfort is only part of our success – the highly professional and dedicated medical staff is that really matters. Prenatal care is our stronghold: pregnant women are given ample time and attention to get to know our doctors and nurses, explore the delivery room, and make up their minds about how they wish to experience the most decisive moments of motherhood.

“Here, everything is given to make the most of those precious forty weeks, to prepare for childbirth in body and soul,” says Erzsébet Békési, head midwife. “Pregnant women should get to know how their body is changing over the gestation period, so that they can live to the full the harmonious unity with, and then the eventual separation from the new life inside them. If all goes well, the doctor is there to give attentive support, without medical intervention. It’s a mother’s job, childbirth – and best to be done undisturbed.”

Stress is an uninvited guest in the delivery room. It can even arrest the proper dilation of the cervix. The well-trained medical staff at Dr. Rose go by the rule that every childbirth is a unique, one-off experience for the mother, whose instincts and bodily sensations should primarily determine the whole process. Always calm and assertive, the doctor and midwife are there to give her full support and encouragement.

“We follow the pregnancy over months, helping women on the way to motherhood,” says the head midwife. “It could be some medical issue or a simple advice on lifestyle or nutrition, other times she just needs a confident to unload the occasional anxiety that comes with pregnancy. It gradually builds up trust and confidence between us: valuable assets that come in handy in the heat of delivery.”

Alternative methods can be effective to alleviate the hardship of delivery. Aromatherapy, balneotherapy, the use of crystals and minerals, relaxation techniques and yoga can be of great help. As much as we support the mother, the newborn baby is also in the focus of our attention. We do everything to help baby accommodate smoothly to the world outside the womb in the most natural way, while checking all the vital life functions. “In our ward, a newborn can stay with the family all day long,” explains Erzsébet. “The first bath, 12-24 hours after birth, is a family event that even older siblings can witness. The first few days after childbirth are about learning how to look after baby, and help breastfeeding get underway. Most women of this generation grew up without ever holding a baby, let alone care for one. They have to learn the foundations here and at home over the first few days. We tell them all we know that might help them form their own parental routine, and baby gets integrated into the family unit.”

Good to know

When it comes to the Golden Hour

The first hour after childbirth is crucial for breastfeeding. Instead of bothering the newborn with bathing, weighing and tape measuring, baby is left to be in close contact with the mother. In twenty minutes, the newborn is instinctively looking for the mother’s breast to feed. These moments are invaluable in securing a bond between mother and child. If the father is there, so much the better: it positively influences their relationship. The adrenaline-fuelled wave of joy is contagious, and affects all who were present at the magical moment of birth, time and again.

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