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Easy Labour Choices for childbirth

Doctors and nurses like to remain as much in the background as possible in the maternity room of Dr. Rose Private Hospital. We are convinced that mothers need to take centre stage and show initiative. That's why we believe in the power of training and preparing mothers-to-be.

"Both physical and mental preparation are essential for turning labour and childbirth into a positive experience," explains midwife Eleonóra Kunszt. "The mood and emotional state of the mother induce a number of hormones in her body. When she goes into labour suitably relaxed the cycle of hormones are in perfect unison, supporting each other's physiological functions."

An important part of prenatal care and education at Dr. Rose is getting to know the nature of bodily symptoms, psychological and hormonal changes that happen over the gestation period and childbirth. Mothers-to-be are learning relaxation techniques that become positive suggestions and second nature by the time they are due.

"When a woman is able to enter labour without stress or anxiety," says the experienced midwife, "her body is helping along by producing enough oxytocin to expedite uteral contractions, and enough endorfin to releave most of the pain. The more consciously and naturally one can physically experience the progress of labour, the easier it is to give birth without complications. It pays off to be present in body, mind and spirit, and go with the flow."

That is why doctors never take centre stage in the labour room at Dr. Rose but leave it to the mother to take control. She is already familiar with the staff from months of training, consultations and regular visits. They all pay attention and answer her needs, knowing what she had asked for in advance, and adjusting immediately according to her prompt needs and wishes when labour gets more intensive.
Nothing in the maternity room makes the mother feel that she is being hospitalised. If need be, any medical intervention is done in the adjacent operating theatre.

"For many women in this day and age it is a one-off experience to give birth, and it is certainly the single most important event for the child to be born," Says Eleonóra. "Every moment is to be cherished and remembered, but mothers can only fully experience and appreciate those moments if they are able to entirely surrender themselves to the natural course of events. All we can do is help them along the way to eventually give up pain and fear for the sake of feeling confident and happy..."

Good to know

The first sixty minutes after birth is called the "golden hour". More than anything, it is important that the newborn is in close contact with the mother immediately after birth, when certain hormones are released in their bodies that help form a strong bond and mutual understanding between mother and child. It is advisable to try nursing baby then and there, not so much for