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Fresh, Fit and Full of Life

The winter cold and lack of fresh fruit and veggies can seriously compromise your natural defense against diseases. Make the most of the coming spring to boost your immune system. There is no more excuses to feel under the weather, so get on with it, follow our healthy tips, and you will get into top shape in no time.

Vitamin D is your first choice of weapon to beat the winter blues, and comes at no cost at all: go outdoors and make sure your skin gets enough sun. It is easier than you think! Walk a few bus stops to work, go for a speedy stroll at lunch break in a nearby park. Even 15 minutes do the trick and charge your body with enough vitamin D. Another small step in the right direction is cutting back on alcohol. A glass of wine now and then makes no harm but even a small amount of alcohol can impair your immune system if taken regularly.

Chronic fatigue – when you persistently feel tired and exhausted – may indicate nutrient deficiency, particularly the lack of minerals and trace elements. A simple blood test could reveal what your body needs to top up. Zink, for example, is crucial to maintain vitality and a healthy hormone system. The best sources are pulses – peas, beans and lentils – dairy products, eggs, meat and fish. Iron is another staple for your body to function properly and transmit enough oxygen to the cells. Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron, boosts energy levels and helps you concentrate. 1000mg is a sufficient daily dose. According to the latest research, the regular intake of vitamin C even fights sugar craving.

Good to know

Doctor’s order – Dr. Mónika Solymos

It is good to know that water-soluble vitamins are depleted from the system in 3-4 days, so these need to be replenished continuously to keep healthy. Make sure that you eat the proverbial five servings of fruit and veg every day! Seasonals are always the best choice. Rhubarb is super rich in calcium; asparagus is loaded with folic acid, iron and vitamin A; beetroot has plenty of antioxidants like vitamins A, B and C; so are radishes, upping the ante with potassium and phosphorus. Artichokes are also a spring favourite, rich in minerals. Let’s not forget the all-season staples of sprouted seeds, grains and pulses, which can be added to salads and sandwiches. Of course, these nutrition bombs are most potent when consumed fresh. Sitting in the fridge for weeks, they lose the vitamins and their health benefits are defused.