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From Family Planning to Childbirth

The arrival of a newborn baby is possibly the most exhilarating event in the life of a family: we are all hyped up, expectant, elated and perhaps a bit antsy, crossing fingers that everything will go smoothly. At Dr. Rose Private Hospital we provide everything for your journey into parenthood: expert physicians, cutting edge medical equipment, comfortable delivery rooms and inpatient suits of the highest standard are at your disposal, making the time of family planning, pregnancy and childbirth a memorable experience.

Expecting a baby for most women begins well before they conceive. A healthy lifestyle regime is a good start, and it is recommended to see a specialist in advance. The family planning program at Dr. Rose Private Hospital includes genetic risk assessment and a series of tests, such as the TORCH panel, which is normally not part of a standard blood test.

For women who have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for more that a year we offer a VIP package: an extensive fertility examination, screening for certain types of STDs that do not necessarily have symptoms, and checking crucial hormone levels.

Once pregnancy is confirmed all the necessary gynaecological examinations, genetic and blood tests, ultrasound screenings, Flowmetrics and CTG monitoring can be done in the exclusive environment of Dr. Rose Private Hospital. You can make appointments at your convenience between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays.

Mothers-to-be are in safe hands in our care day and night, as our pregnancy hotline can be dialled around the clock, should any concern or question arise. Pregnant patients are entitled to an unlimited number of consultations, including with paediatrician specialists, and they can take part in our pregnancy training program.

What to do?

Doctor’s Order - Dr. Dániel Dubecz, OB GYN specialist at Dr. Rose Private Hospital

We guide our patients from family planning through to postnatal care. All the tests and examinations take place at our hospital, and physicians are available between consultations as well when an expert opinion or check-up is urgently needed.

Sometimes other specialists must be consulted when gestational diabetes, high blood pressure or endocrine problems become a concern. These consultations and all related tests can also be done in the comfort of our hospital.

When it comes to childbirth, we are there to meet our patients’ expectations as to how they wish to deliver, provided that the mother’s safety and wellbeing is observed, which is our foremost priority.

We encourage mothers-to-be to share their ideas about delivery well in advance so that we come to a consensus and provide the right conditions for them, making childbirth the best possible experience in the luxuriously homely environment of our private hospital.