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New Year's Resolutions

Now that Christmas meals and New Year’s Eve dinner are over, the bathroom scale is likely to tip the wrong way for some of us, so shedding a few kilos might be one of our first resolutions for the year ahead. First of all, it is better to understand a bit our metabolism and what our body needs before we start.

Doing exercises and caring for our body are as important as our diet for a successful weight control. Learning the rules of a healthy diet and how “fat burning” actually works is the first step in the right direction. Instead of drastic diets, frequent and moderate daily meals prepared with healthy ingredients are the key to long-term weight loss. Bear in mind that radical diets can cause physical and mental stress, compromise your system, and introduce a harmful dietary routine. Worst of all, they most frequently do not last. So high protein diets may lead to fast weight loss, but for a balanced metabolism your body needs carbohydrates too. Exercises are very important for good health. As the ancient Persian wisdom says” walking is the best”. An hour of steady walk a day or any comparable exercise is absolutely necessary for weight loss. Cardio training 2-3 times a week could be a complementary support, recommended by Adam Lelbach M.D., Ph.D. Head Physician of Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

Good to Know

When judging ideal weight, age factor should also be considered. Metabolism is slowing down over the years, as a consequence the body fat ratio is increasing. Women experience more pronounced physical, hormonal and weight changes during and after menopause, therefore a controlled diet and regular exercises are even more important for them. You can rely on our committed team of dietitians and physiotherapists at Dr. Rose Private Hospital to create a personalized plan for you to be able to keep one of the most frequent new year’s resolutions. 

On behalf of our staff and medical team, we would like to wish You All a Happy, Successful and Healthy New Year!


Adam Lelbach M.D., Ph.D Head Physician of Dr. Rose Private Hospital was awarded the honorary associate professor of medicine at the University of Pécs. The presentation ceremony of the document took place on 20th November 2015 by the rector Professor József Bódis at the Festive Senate Seat of the University of Pécs, which was established in 1367 as first university in Hungary. The appointment of doctor Lelbach - according to the university regulations - was approved after the process of nomination, the approval of the Board of Directors and the vote of the Council of the Faculty of Medicine. The final decision was discussed by the Senate of the University of Pécs in June 2015 and voted by secret ballot with 30 votes in favor and one abstention. The staff of Dr. Rose Private Hospital congratulate to doctor Lelbach on the university appointment and wish him good health and the best of success in his further work.