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Get Yourself Covered

Looking after your health is the best long-term investment

We do like to make sure that our hard-earned possessions are safe and sound. We look after them with tender loving care and the most valuable ones deserve a good insurance policy too: our house and chattels, the family car, the business venture, the luggage when we travel, or even our cherished pets can be insured. How about our health? We are a little bit more slack with self-care than with our earthly possessions and often shun the wisdom: better safe than sorry.

Lowering the risk and financial burden of emergency situations with insurance policies is a reassuring and cost-effective way of planning for the future. Nonetheless, life insurance is not the only way to have peace of mind about the wellbeing of your family. The most effective and affordable solution in the long run is health insurance: a prudent choice in the modern world plagued by stressful work, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food.

Dr. Rose Corporate Health Care offers top quality medical solutions for corporate clients who care about their employees: occupational health care, medical services, annual cards and group health insurance packages, tailored to the actual needs of employers.


• Sedentary lifestyle is a greater health risk than smoking.
• A health insurance policy gives you priority: you can book a visit on short notice and get your treatment in the best possible medical facilities without having to wait or queue up.
• A good health insurance policy includes services that you never though of but may need later on.


„According to a recent survey by UNION Insurance and Psyma Hungary, shortcomings in the state health care system relegate scores of patients on the waiting list for specialist examinations and MR and CT diagnostics, often for more than a month.” - describes the harsh reality Gergely Dányádi, Broker Director of UNION Vienna Insurance. “On the other hand, patients with health insurance policies get prompt diagnosis and treatment in the comfort of private health care – without having to waste time in the waiting room. All it takes is a phone call to get expert help in setting up a health care policy. Your health insurance policy with UNION and Dr. Rose Private Hospital includes a 24-hour call center for all clients.”