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Nelly Ármós, M.D.



1999 - 2008 - University of Debrecen, Faculty of Medicine, general practitioner

2005 - 2007 - Institute of Nuclear Medicine, PET Centre, (research project and diploma thesis: The effect of P-glycoprotein substrates on 18FDG uptake in cancer cells)

Awards: Best poster and special award at the 15th Congress of the György Hevesy Hungarian Society of Nuclear Medicine (MONT)

2007 - Erasmus scholarship  Universidade do Porto, Portugal. Specialising in obstetrics, surgery, neurology and paediatrics. 


Since 2016 - Ormos Institute, Budapest, radiologist (x-ray, ultrasound diagnostics, including musculoskeletal ultrasound)

April 2016 - November 2016 - Affidea Diagnostics Ltd. / Diagnoscan Hungary Ltd.: National Traumatology Institute, Sándor Péterfy Street Hospital and Medical Centre. Radiologist (ultrasound, x-ray, CT diagnostics, incl. musculoskeletal ultrasound)

2015 - 2016 - Erzsébet Hospital, Sopron, X-ray Department, radiologist.

2012 - 2015 - Erzsébet Hospital, Sopron, X-ray Department, radiologist trainee. (X-ray, real-time radiography, ultrasound, CT diagnostics).

2011 - Egis Corp. and TATA Consultancy Services Ltd., AstraZeneca Project – medicine safety expert.

2008 - 2011- University of Debrecen Health Centre, and B.A.Z. County Hospital, radiology resident trainee: internal medicine, ER, ambulance training, surgery, anaesthesiology, radiology (traumatology x-ray and ultrasound training). 

Ultrasound proficiency

Abdominal and pelvic area.

Neck vascular diagnostics.

Neck soft tissue (thyroid, saliva glands, lymph nodes).

Other soft tissue anomalies (haematoma, abscesses, lipoma).

Arterial and venal diagnostics on upper and lower extremities.

Pleural cavity ultrasound.

Musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Neonatal and toddler examination.

Traditional x-ray.

Gastro-intestinal screening of the oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines with radiocontrast agents.

Chest live x-ray.

Native and radiocontrast CT imaging of the chest, abdomen and pelvic area.

CT-urography, CT-enterography, CT-colonoscopy, CT-angiography, etc.


Hungarian Medical Chamber

Hungarian Society of Radiologists

European Society of Radiology

Vocational training

MR retraining course

Intervention workshop

Ultrasound diagnostics workshop

Chest, abdominal and neurological CT

Hungarian-Croatian-Slovenian Radiology Symposium

Computer imaging of neonatal and paediatric medicine

The problems of differential diagnostics in radiology

French-Hungarian joint Radiology Symposium

Regional radiology retraining: paediatric radiology

Regional radiology retraining: emergency radiology

Regional radiology retraining: musculoskeletal radiology

ECR – annual congress of the European Society of Radiology

Sopron Ultrasound Days: Modern Imaging Techniques (radiology workshop)

Imre Lélek Memorial Meeting – ultrasound and medical imaging diagnostics workshop

Neurosonography workshop – ultrasound imaging of peripheral nerves in medical practice

St. Agatha Day of Mammology workshop – the latest international protocols in diagnosing and treating breast cancer

Musculoskeletal ultrasound workshop