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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Medical Center

We opened our Medical Center in 2007 with the intent of adding a new perspective to the Hungarian health care system to show that the medical profession can both be a mission and a service.

Our institute covers the most important fields of outpatient treatment with its 28 specialties in a premium environment. We follow medical novelties on a daily basis in order to incorporate them into our services and to further broaden the scale of our professional fields and examination types.
Along with the up-to-date equipment, our highly-skilled and qualified specialists guarantee that you will receive special attention and high quality health care in all fields.
We feel that preventing diseases is just as important as curing them. Therefore we emphasize the significance of regular health screenings as in most cases, problems diagnosed in time can be cured.
The success of our Medical Center has proved that there is a demand for high-quality services in health care, thus we opened our Private Hospital and Obstetrics in 2010. 



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