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"Person-centered health care on the highest professional level. Our specialists work on more than thirty fields, our patients come from more than ninety countries. Our growing team has been working together for seven years. Families, their friends and acquaintances visit us to heal. We try to cure by outpatient or home treatment wherever it is possible, and when it is not, we strive to make you feel at home in our hospital while ensuring internationally high-standard professionalism. This is the credo of our institute."

Ádám Lelbach M.D., Ph.D
Dr. Lelbach Ádám Ph.D.

Medical Center

Rendelőintézeti ellátás

Patients are offered examinations in 28 fields, preventive screenings and excellent specialists without any waiting time. Our appointment schedule adjusts to individual needs: you can make an appointment with us anytime on our 24-hour available phone number.



Kórházi ellátás

Our medical center is supported by a modern and up-to-date hospital, equipped with the latest and most efficient technology, operating rooms and single or double-bedded sick-rooms. There is no waiting list for surgeries, and operations are performed with the guidance of highly-renowned experts.




The efficiency of our medical work is ensured by our modern diagnostic equipment: early recognition of illnesses and successful surgeries are both founded on our high-standard diagnostic examinations.