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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Proctology


Proctology deals with the treatment and cure of rectal diseases. 

The diseases of this area might produce diverse symptoms, such as pain, swelling, bleeding, discharge and itching.

Dominant rectal diseases are inflammations of infectious or non-infectious origin, fistulas, cracks, problems caused by venous dilatation (hemorrhoid) and benign or malignant tumors.

Colon cancer is the second most frequent type of cancer in men, and third in women. Even in case of a mild suspicion, it is highly recommended to have a thorough examination. In order to get diagnosed in time, we advise you to undergo an ambulatory performed annual screening.

After targeted testing, 90% of patients can be successfully treated either by conservative medication or instrumental intervention (rubber ring ligation, photocoagulation, etc.). Surgery is only necessary in one patient out of ten.

In case of painful interventions (for e.g. the treatment of advanced state hemorrhoids) or major surgeries (cancer removal) hospital admittance and monitoring are necessary. The length of your hospital stay depends on the type of intervention performed and your condition.

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