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Dr. Rose  Private Hospital Lung Screening

Lung Screening

The screening consists of producing images of the lungs. The reason why regular compulsory screenings were introduced was tuberculosis. It is a bacterial infection that mainly targets the lungs, the bones, the kidneys and the skin, but it can cause the inflammation of any organ. A tuberculous inflammation damages the contested tissue which results in softening and necrosis. Nowadays this illness is very rare.

The importance of lung screening lies in the prevention of lung cancer, which is the most common type of malignant tumor in Hungary. It is usually aggressive, rapidly developing and has high mortality rate. Early-stage and operable lung cancer can be detected by ultrasound examination.

Lung ultrasound can also reveal other types of lung diseases (sarcoidosis, benign tumors, etc), and suspect certain heart diseases or diaphragmatic hernia.

The level of applied radiation is really low, and sensitive organs such as the testicles or the ovary are protected by an apron made of lead.

According to our present knowledge, annual lung screening is recommended above the age of 40, especially for smokers, but younger people are also encouraged to undergo the examination.

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